Brand: Studenački pršut with bone

Just because of the name Studenački, we have been kept the tradition of our production in our homeland  and now we present our products to all of those who has recognized its quality.

In the production of the originally Studenački pršut with bone, Ham factory Gradina has been keeping centuries-old homeland tradition -  first category pork ham treated in a special way,  naturally prepared, salted, cold smoked and cured on the clean air.

Production of the originally Studenački pršut with bone implies strict usage of the sea salt.  Dry-cured Studenački pršut has a specific flavor and a compactness,  softly salty taste and a specific red colour. 

Studenački pršut is the unique dry-cured product with a special caracteristic.


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Studenački pršut (smoked ham)

Dalmatian bacon


Studenački pršut with bones